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Windchimes: Selecting Quality

Windchimes from Grace Note Windchimes have earned the distinction of having the highest quality sound on the market. It's not even close. The difference comes from exacting attention to detail in each step of the process. The sound from windchimes originates with the vibration in the tubes. Each Grace Note tube is born from pure brushed aluminum. Then, the suspension string is anchored at the resonant node of the tube, which is the spot on a vibrating tube that doesn't vibrate. This eliminates the interference of the string against the tubes. With this control over the sound, Grace Notes is able to tune the chimes by hand. Using combinations of tunings and tube sizes, the graceful and elegant melodies flood your patio or backyard with a beautiful soundtrack. They also make appreciated gifts!

The Details Make the Difference
Begin with the highest quality materials. Top rings made from plastic or rubber are very susceptible to deterioration in weather. Wind, rain, and changing temperatures affect these materials negatively. Grace Note Windchimes feature tempered aluminum top rings. The striker is carved from either cedar or redwood, depending on the desired sound. Cedar and redwood are very rot resistant, and the woods are the proper density to provide a clear, resonant tone. This also prevents harsh overtones, ensuring the delivery of a satisfying, clear, musical experience. Even the string in Grace Note Windchimes is the highest quality. Weather resistant, custom braided Dacron material is used. The tempered aluminum tubes are thicker for richer sound, and helps avoid the "tinny" sound prevalent in imported and lower quality windchimes. When the softwood striker contacts the thick aluminum tubing at the resonant node, you get the musical sweet spot, and only the purest tones are radiated. When selecting windchimes as a gift, or for your own back yard, we offer the simplest reason: You will get the highest quality workmanship, and the best sounding windchimes available.

The Soundtrack of the Garden
The melodic and soothing tones radiating from a properly tuned set of windchimes adds a musical backdrop to any garden, patio, or back yard. Long considered an essential element in the garden, windchimes add a soundtrack that enhances the comfort of the surroundings. Windchimes satisfy the sense of sound, much like blooming flowers are to the sense of sight, and the delicate smells of your trees, shrubs, and herb please the sense of smell.

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Personalize windchimes for the perfect wedding present!

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