windchimes-smSmall Wind Chimes
Tube Diameter 7/8" overall length 40"

Small Wind Chimes are available in the following melodies:

Earthsong -- A pentatonic scale of ancient origin. Where East meets West, Earthsong is a compelling harmony still heard in the music of many styles and cultures.
Chord:E minor 7/11 Notes:EGABDE

Island Melody --Like a carefree tropical vacation, Island Melody is energetic, joyful, and upbeat. Let it carry you to your favorite paradise.
Chord: C major 6/9Notes:CGACDE

Stardust --Great for stress relief! Stardust is a harmony that seems to effect a sense of relaxation in anyone who listens. Softly haunting, it conjures up images of twilight shadows.
Chord: D minor 9Notes:DFACDE

Questions or comments about our windchimes are always welcome. It has always been our philosophy that you should choose the garden decor that best represents your taste and style. While price is not always a good indication of quality, don't settle for cheap stuff. Grace Note windchimes represent a great value for the money. They will last for years, and the high quality sounds will provide an enjoyable backdrop for your porch, garden, or patio for many, many years. They are the choice for our home, and we frequently give them as gifts. Enjoy!

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